Fee Structure

Intake Appointment – $125.00 – During this visit we will go over your paperwork, have a discussion of training goals, collect baseline brain wave data and begin formulating your training plan. This usually takes about 1 hour.

Neurofeedback Training Session – $100.00 – During this visit you will train your brain toward your goals. There is time for review of session data and discussion. This usually takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour.  Total number of sessions needed varies widely for each individual and their particular circumstance. However, generally we see good, lasting benefits after 30-40 sessions.

Talk Therapy/Neurofeedback Combination Session – $150.00 – These sessions combine neurofeedback and talk therapy into one (typically 30 minutes of neurofeedback and 20 minutes of talk therapy). These sessions can be helpful for clients who do not have therapist and would like to participate in talk therapy during the course of their neurofeedback training.

Talk Therapy Session- $180.00 – These sessions are designed for clients who want stand-alone talk therapy without neurofeedback. Sessions are 50 minutes in length with a licensed clinician.

Quantitative EEG (qEEG) – $950.00 – This price includes the data collection (takes about 1 hour), data artifacting/processing, treatment planning and follow-up meeting to discuss results.

The Neurotherapy Center of Houston accepts payment in the form of cash, check, Amex Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


Insurance/Health Savings Accounts

Many insurance companies have been slow to approve coverage for neurofeedback. Insurance companies that cover neurofeedback usually cover only certain aspects of the training or only cover for specific issues. Because of this the Neurotherapy Center of Houston does not accept or file for insurance of any kind. We do strongly encourage our clients to check with their insurance company. If your insurance company does cover neurofeedback the reimbursement goes directly to you. The Neurotherapy Center of Houston would be happy to supply you with any information or forms your insurance company requires for coverage.

Click here for a list of CPT codes associated with various aspects of neurofeedback training. Your insurance company will likely ask for this code. They will know what it means.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and other similar accounts have been much more likely to reimburse for neurofeedback training. Much like with insurance reimbursement we encourage you to contact your HSA administrator to find out what documentation they may require.